Project Description

Agri SETA livestock training

Agri Enterprises partnered with Agri SA, Agri SETA, and i3A to initiate a skill development and mentorship program across the food and fibre value chain. The objective is to develop scarce skills in the agricultural sector through mentorship and training.

The project has commenced in July 2021 and is expected to be completed in June 2022. The area of focus is the wool, cattle beef and goat industry.

Agri Enterprises belief is that the solution to successful entrepreneurs lies behind fruitful education. Through this project, we will directly train, develop and mentor 720 emerging Agri-preneurs who currently farm in the rural areas of South Africa.

Stage of project

In Progress
  • Project Location: National

  • Project Partners: Agri SA, I3A, Agri SETA

  • Project Lead Details: Sulaimaan Patel

Amount of people trained